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What does obedience even mean? – Emotional Health Colorado
We have heard God will not tell us to do something that we are not able to do
There is more to this because God will tell us to do something that we initially had little strength to do. He wants us to begin with the strength that we have and see him faithful in the journey to the promise of our ability, given by his grace, to fulfill what he has told us to do. There is activity between our grace from God and our faith from God that grace gives us (in the activity between these two there is increase given by God to bring us to what he has said).
When God says something, his word enters our hearing as seed. As we walk in the way of what he has said, we show our faith that what he has said is going to be. His word, he has told us, is Lord.
Even when appearances would seem to say something else, and dissuade or discourage or distract us from accomplishing his word, that is the time for us to be soil for the word and cleave to him. God shows himself faithful to the faithful and performs his word before our very eyes.
We walk by faith and we get to witness God‘s word by sight. We are living testimonies of God. We testify of his goodness and his faithfulness and we testify that his word is true. We testify that Jesus is Lord. By the way that we receive and obey what he has said, we show that we hear his voice and that we believe what we hear and he rewards that faith that he has given us and that we exercise by bringing to pass what he has said and we bear fruit to his glory.
Likewise, when we see people and things and situations around us, we by faith and as children of God are called to see beyond the skin and beyond the sin to where Jesus is or where Jesus needs to be and to believe that we can declare that Jesus be there. We can preach him into existence and we can call him forth from some place where he is latent and inactive (because there has been no activity of faith). Where there is a grace but the faith has not been activated through the movement of the faithful, the grace has languished without full reception. But when we truly believe, we rest and we act, all in faith.
Believing in Jesus’s cross, and its victory, and his resurrection, and his presence in us now in all power and all authority, we live differently than before we believed. And when we encounter people, it’s still all about Jesus. Whatever they do we have love to give just like God loved us before we loved him.
We likewise can love others before they love us and we can show them who lives in our hearts before they believe in him and when they see him it is a miracle. Our living out our faith shows people the impossible and they cannot help but believe. The love is irresistible and undeniable to those who behold it. People can deny things of the flesh, however impressive or however strong or however threatening or however obvious they are. But no one can deny what is actually true and enduring and at some point, all bow to Christ Jesus. All bow down to Christ’s word. And as we ourselves lay ourselves down to let the word of God come through, and as we ourselves enthrone Christ in our own hearts, trusting him with all of our secrets and asking him to heal all of our diseases and seeking him for the confidence that he has forgiven all of our sins and going to him for every single thing we need, then others also experience the truth that he is Lord.
The Bible says ask, seek and knock. That is truthful when we pray but that is also true as we live in this world. People talk about the open windows of heaven and they talk about God invading the earth (I see angels ascend and descend as I read this). God wants us to believe that he desires to do us all the good that we have capacity to receive and more and he wants us to believe anything he says has come from heaven and can be on earth and will be on earth because our believing this becomes a womb for it to actually be.
That is with circumstances and that is with people and that is with places and what we need is to not be stopped by what we see, what we can perceive, what other people are saying or doing or thinking or wanting or feeling concerning us all, concerning any thing or anyone but to know that all that matters is where God is and where God wants us to believe he will be.
Let no person and no place and no thing and no marshland be priority but claim all for God. Let no country, including the country in which you were born, no person, including the person that birthed you or the person that you brought into the world, claim no thing, including the things that you own or the things that you would like to own, above the word of God and witness the word of God influence and heal everything and everyone. This earth is meant to be covered by the glory of God and as the people of God believe him then we will see it be.
We begin with the testimonies of the journey of good brought us but there comes a time when even where we used to be falls off and the old is passed away and it is just about God.
People would have other people remember what used to be their skin like they can never be rid of it but that is not God. There is a season in which we are in that prison and there is a season in which God brings us through that prison and out of it and there is a season when we testify to those moments and each step out of the womb into our birth, into new life, and then there is a moment in which we simply live changed and are his. That in itself becomes the testimony that cannot be denied because in being in Christ, we are the ultimate miracle, not just in being able to be beheld as such, but in our activity as we heal and save and deliver and as we actively declare and call forth our Savior Christ Jesus here and now.
We have been waiting for him for thousands of years and he is telling us that he is waiting for us to be prepared because when we are prepared then we will, just like he did, bring the kingdom and he will not be able to stay away: we will call our beloved to us.And he will be with us forever and ever and ever.
For teaching purposes I will share that when I began to hear from God. He told me to listen.
And initially, I did not obey this in every way that I knew that I could, but I resisted the word of the Lord that came by his spirit and in one particular instance I remember, I acted in my flesh in the opposite way by not listening to his voice but I questioned this action and I became aware that I had not just not obeyed but disobeyed. I had actively chosen a different way and this was revealed to me. I turned from disobedience and I had just a little strength in the beginning, like David and his five smooth stones. David who would have armies started with a few rocks and a slingshot. I did not have a great deal of ability or motivation or even desire but I had the revelation, I had the new awareness that I had God’s direction for me, I was aware of that different direction, specifically, and that he desired me to be in that direction. He desired me to allow him to direct me. He wanted me to follow his word.
And a dream I had with the letters LISTEN was a beginning of sorts of my consciously and intentionally receiving the word of the Lord. This was a further introduction to the Holy Spirit before I had an experience of his infilling (our having received it is not to gloat or boast to those who haven’t but to share, like Johnny Appleseed, all our blessings. God wants no one without his Spirit filling them to overflowing). And then as I began to cooperate with this voice of God, I gained strength to do what he said.
And another person bore witness to me that I was hearing God’s voice. Actually, the witness was that God talks to me. They knew this because of what I was saying. I had something to share and I may have even said something I heard and then they asked me if I knew that God talks to me. I had not thought in those terms but as I did, I entered the revelation that God talks to me and I heard him and I said what I heard.
Then after that, I woke in the middle of the night and heard God speak. This was the beginning of my understanding who was speaking to me and what he was saying and I began to write on paper what I heard. Again, I began with just a little strength and I heard a word or two and my hearing was not as keen as it would become so that I could hear phrases and then paragraphs and then pages. But I wasn’t thinking in terms of the pages I would write. I was present. I was enamored with every drop I received. It was a wonder to me. There was also an ability to forget what I heard and go back to sleep and then go on with my day when I woke later in the morning.
And this ability also grew. Every ability and every blessing has been fruitful and has multiplied along with my faith to receive it and believe it and live in it; be and live in it.
God strengthens us for every journey as we go. This equipping of the saints is also our education. As we are enlightened and as we are made strong, as we wax more and more faithful, we manifest as those who have beheld and who know and who we are held by, directed by, watched over by, provided by, healed by, delivered by and sincerely blessed by: God.
Anyone knows that the one who does all these things is your parent. The person who birthed you and raised you and provides for you and protects you and heals your wounds and helps you when you need help and answers your calls and cares for you no matter what you do, say, think, feel or want, and helps you with what you do, say, think, feel or want until you get to do, say, feel, think and want what you are to do, say, think, feel and want, is your parent. And when that is visible to the world, they testify that we are God’s kids and that testimony testifies that there is a God. It testifies that there is one who provides and heals and he saves and delivers and who cares and embraces and protects and promotes and in every way is good and loving and faithful.
These three things God planted in me as true in 2005 and then I endured a season that I never knew was for me to be the soil that God would bring me through to know that I know that those three things (He is good, he is faithful and he loves me) are true. But that’s exactly what he did and as I have lived in the last 13 years, there are some who now testify that God is good to me and he is faithful to me and he loves me.
Now initially, this can hurt them because it wakens them to the reality that there is a God that they may not know as well as he is known by someone else and there is a God that they may have been aching to experience or afraid to ache for as they witnessed someone else experience him. This common human dilemma is but the seed of the glory that God has for all creation for it is his heart to cover the earth with his glory and that means every blade of grass and every cell of every body. Every heart and every mind. Every people, place and thing. And for the world to be rid of all that is not him as he shines through all.
That soul seeing God in me and for me is something like me when I first realized that God was speaking and had a direction for me when I went a different direction. That moment was at the surface. In my situation it was sin and skin deep. But I was not meant to be hindered or stopped there at that point of its appearing but to peer in; to continue into the innermost where Jesus lives and to continue out to the uppermost where I am seated with him and to live out to the outermost from my core out through my pores where I would choose physically to do what God says.
So that soul seeing me blessed is a moment intended for them to catch what I have caught in his goodness and experience the gospel. What is the good news? that God so loved the entire world that he gave his only begotten son – he gave his only word – that whosoever believed in him should not perish but should have eternal life. And we know, because God’s word tells us this is so, that when we have faith in Christ Jesus, God’s word, his only son, the Lord, who reigns, when he is in us, that the kingdom of God is within us and that our eternal life has begun. Life is in us and it is life that does not end.
And it is very much like the garden because of the first man and his woman had the tree of life available to them in the midst of other trees. I was watching Despicable Me 2 and when I saw the island where the minions were partying while evil was seeking to take over the world, and their boss seeking to save the world but hardly finding any of them to do what he needed them to do, I saw the church languishing in pasttimes, and cares, and other distractions and losing traction to our destination; destiny in which the manifestation of our identity reflects Him in such a way that we are irresistible to our beloved and he must come to us and appear before us as our very being (both its existence and activity) draws him here.
We are like those minions in that we are sheep who have not been known to be that smart but as soil for the almighty God’swill towards us when we have faith. Those minions lapped up the luxury provided by the enemy of their souls until they were literally rescued from the enemy’s plot. And the eternal life that Jesus is in us now is what we live as we taste and we see his goodness in all of our lives. And it is God’s will for us to enjoy the riches of this earth but everything is for purpose and none of us is fully resting until our brothers and our sisters come to their rest as well because as God‘s true children, we share his heart for all creation.
This heart too is evidence of Jesus‘s presence in us and some of us have entered and received his heart for creation and some, via party affiliation, have grown stronger in that, been fruitful and multiplied. We, through our special interests and parties and tribes and tongues and other allegiances and other associations have developed cultures that have nursed certain aspects of God and found others less valuable or less pertinent or less available and so we have each been developing in certain lanes and ways and it is time for all of us to receive the blessing that each of us has in our reception of the Lord and too, to discern that which is of him and that which is not in order for us to receive and to, together, grow and build and strengthen in being one body.
Astonishingly, this film Despicable Me 2 even spoke to me as someone who had been behaving badly began to behave well and it was because, they testified, that although they had enjoyed doing what they should not have done, what woke them was their love for their family. When what they did began to adversely affect those they loved, that love activated and motivated a new doing for them and they returned to doing good (as Jesus went around).
The church has been asleep in the light, singer Keith Green said to us. And we have been waking up. Let us wake up all.
So when we behold anything, Jesus. If we see something or somewhere or someone who is hurting or who is afflicted or who is rebellious or who is blind or who is in any way lacking anything whatsoever, Jesus. And when we behold anything anywhere at anytime that is blessed, Jesus. When we see he is needed we can call him into that. And when we see his presence we can call him to us from that. And thus the body begins to circulate with the presence and the power, the provision and the love of Jesus, living inside our faith that he is Lord and not seeing limits but seeing him everywhere everywhere everywhere.
Lastly, when we encounter people who have hurt us or intimidated us or in anyway sinned against us, we no longer have to see them for what they did or who they were. Now not only does God gift us, not only are we graced with being freed, liberated, delivered, rescued from our old skin and all of that sin that went with it, but God wants everyone else liberated and the liberator, the hope of the world is in us. All is forgiven. Jesus has forgiven all (Father, forgive them for they know not what they do). So we can look at someone who for 10 years we felt miserable by and we can love them as a child of God who is loving another child of God, or a pre-child of God. Because every person, place and capacious thing is meant to be his. For he is sovereign. God reigns.

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