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Intro to Emotional Health

What EH is about and what you can expect at your first individual session at EHC.

Emotional health, like mental health, is immeasurably more than a line item. EH can be measured by the alignment that occurs when your external experiences meet and cohere with your internal convictions. When you are in alignment, these two elements are concordant, or in accord. As opposed to clashing notes on a piano, they line up with one another and form a clear path for what you most deeply know and believe to be what and how you live every day.

EHC helps you live by heart, blending soul and spirit care and coaching. We help people experience health in every dimension.

Welcome to Emotional Health Colorado

EHC blends care disciplines in a Christian context to help you meet the moments of life with feelings that agree with the truth you know.

Emotional Health: A Working Definition

Emotional health has to do with more than your feelings. When you know your wholeness by heart, you know it deeply. You are convinced of it. That knowledge moves into all your life.

Emotional health will continually reveal you to be a person who lives in peace; someone free to feel well.

I invite you into a healing journey of your emotions. Wake to a life awaiting you now; one that only seems too good to be true.

It all grows from here.

Like members of the physical body, our emotions benefit from sound nourishment, gentleness, and patience that strengthen, give perspective, and restore.

Emotions are far from the soul’s enemies. Think of love, peace and joy as anchors to your soul. Flourishing, they define and express a fullness of life. They are foundational to our overall soundness.

In truth, emotional health is yours.

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